Corona/Covid 19 virus – UPDATE

For the moment the situation is still very unclear for us. Nobody knows what will happen with the spread of the Corona/covid virus and even more uncertain the days after that.
It is still five months away until we run the OK worlds so we are hoping for the best, but we must plan for the worst possible scenario.
So far our intention is to do the regatta as planned, but we will follow all the recommendations the Swedish authorities will give us.
Sitting alone on a OK out on Marstrand fjord implies minimum risk, but all social/logistic activities does contain risks, and if not handled correct there is an increased risk of spreading Corona/Covid. We are currently discussing if it is a possible scenario to run the regatta without social activities at a minimum as an alternative. But as you can understand in these uncertain times we will await more information form the Swedish authorities. We will follow up on all available information to make the best possible decision for all involved. If we do decide to cancel the regatta all entry fees will be fully refunded to you. For our NZ and AUS competitors we will make a first initial decision 2nd of April.


We would like to welcome all OK-dinghy sailors to our lovely island out on the west-coast for the OK-dinghy worlds 2020 (7-15 august).

Marstrand is located just 45 minutes drive north of Gothenburg and we are far out on the coast, with Denmark as our neighbor.

We take the liberty to quote Robert Deaves “Marstrand is a ridiculously beautiful place, both for visiting and for sailing. Visitors get a hint of this beauty on the drive in with fjords, bridges, inlets, islands and vistas galore. But the town itself and the waterways that have made it famous take that beauty to another level. Though an overused cliché, stunning is an apt description, both the shore side, but also the sailing waters, which are famous worldwide.”

We all look forward to host the OK- worlds 2020 and we are working hard to get all details under control. The information will be updated constantly on this web-page

NOTE: Whatever you heard about the beer, just so you know, it will be FREE and COLD 🙂


WC OK dingy teaser part 2 released!

WC OK dingy teaser part 1 released!

We are happy to announce that the NoR is now published!
Please note that the NoR also includes registering- and payment procedures!
The NoR can be found at the “Competitors” sub page!